POLFILL brand has been present on the market since 2005.

In 2005, LERG SA, the manufacturer of synthetic resins and one of the largest chemical companies in Poland developed a base resin which was the most important component of polyester putties and decided to create a new product group called POLFILL. Following the path, for the next few years it successively launched new products for renovation of car bodies.

POLFILL brand covers a wide range of products for renovation of bodies of cars, trucks, buses, boats and yachts. These products are created based on selected raw materials, which ensures their high quality. The main features of our products include easiness of application and treatment, lack of shrinkage and repeatable quality.

Ever-expanding portfolio is to enable our customers to work with reliable and robust products of the same brand at different stages of body and paint repairs. High quality and large selection of our products as well as professional technology consulting and customer service are the main reasons why POLFILL products have gained so many supporters both in Poland and abroad.

Currently our offer includes the following product categories:

  • Putties and polyester resins
  • Acrylic products (primers, clearcoats)
  • Hardeners and thinners for acrylic and polyester products
  • Polishing products (polishing sponges, plates, blocks, spacers, polyurethane foams, tapes)
  • Products for repairing automobile bodies (mastics/pastes)



Multi-Ethnic People Working in Team

Professional approach, experience and commitment are the main rules of conduct guiding Lerg-Chem employees , who day-by-day contribute to the success of POLFILL brand. They care about the quality and timeliness of delivery and market Polfill products virtually throughout the whole Poland and also abroad. They are constantly engaged in the development of new products and technical training. Thanks to its team the company is able to ensure the high level of production and customer service and modern forms of business management allow to meet customers’ expectations to the greatest possible extent.